Trust Dr Sean Lennon Welcomes Prime Ministers Statement On Dementia

Trust Medical Director welcomes dementia friend initiative

Responding to the Government announcement about the training of volunteers to support people with dementia Trust Medical Director Dr Sean Lennon said: “The fact that the Prime Minister has made this a ‘personal priority’ is reassuring and it’s also promising that the Government is trying to address the challenges presented by dementia in an original way. I hope that this will build on efforts to reduce the stigma of a diagnosis of dementia, increase public awareness and to encourage individuals with a memory problem to seek help.

“With this project and others such as creating ‘dementia friendly’ towns there is a real feeling that society is beginning to understand the scale of the challenge in a way that we haven’t before. This is definitely another positive step.”

Full Story inside The Munreporterscoop Daily Today (Friday 9 TH November, 2012

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