KEEP Disability living allowance say NO to reforms !

KEEP Disability living allowance say NO to reforms

Mke Moulding WiganI am totally ashamed of my past association with the DWP.

Over 1,000 people yesterday signed the petition calling for an investigation into ATOS, the company getting tens of millions for helping DWP remove as many people from benefit as possible after it was revealed a mum died after being found fit for work. The family believing the cause of death was in part caused by stress. The lady died of a brain tumour.

You all know I am campaigning for just 24 disabled people in Wigan who need 24 hour care. Their care home is set to close causing immense distress to families. The Pines is set to close in October. Campaigners are seeking the support of 10,000 online signatures. We are well over 5,000 so with a big push we can make big inroads. Please sign and help and thank you for your support –

Yesterday I was saddened to read the death of a mum after ATOS found her fit to work. It is right that ATOS are investigated but we also must remember that none of their awful actions could be got away with without the complicit support of DWP.

For nearly 14 years I was employed by the Benefits Agency, the Invalid Care Allowance Unit for many of them. Lets not forget DWP and government have long history of discrimination. Without the European Court of Human Rights it is obvious this and other governments in the UK will erode peoples rights. It was the ECHR that said married women could claim Carers Allowance as in the early 80’s only men and single women could claim. A Mrs Drake, a married woman took on the government on, went to Europe and won saying that married women were being discriminated against. The ECHR agreed.

Margaret Thatcher’s government were forced to pay thousands to hundreds of thousands of married women of Invalid Care Allowance over over the UK. After all, they were caring for loved ones too as many of you are now.

So DWP/Government have a long history of discriminating. Unfortunately, usually under a Tory government.

As we hear of deaths of more and more people after they are found fit to work because of ATOS and DWP and can put my hand on my heart and say :-

“I am thoroughly ashamed of my past association with DWP.”

Please also sign the petition to have ATOS investigated but please also sign to save The Pines thank you –

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