Yeah, we got a little ol’ convoy,Yep Mancunians Join The Anti Bedroom Tax Come on and join our convoy. …

Manchester Peaples Assbly 370Shoppers clapped and children cheered and the band played on; it was an amazing sight for all who happen to be in Manchester last Saturday. The march ‘Against the bedroom Tax’ started in Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens and by the time it hit the very crowded Market Street, it was becoming a convoy.

Friends read the banners; whole families listened to the loud PA system that was explaining the reasons why this march was needed. Like mental health in which one in four people are affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. The bedroom tax is now starting to cruelly affect those who are already suffering;

Manchester Peaples Assbly 380Joining the march after travelling from London was Owen Jones, the author of ‘Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class’ and a regular Monday columnist with the Independent Newspaper he was witnessed unassumingly joining the march with other fellow Mancunians, at the point where the traditional Manchester ice cream makers from the families of Sivori’s who for more than one hundred years have sold ice-cream in Manchester and halfway down Market Street operate an ice cream stall.

Manchester Peaples Assbly 544The march carried on to the foot tapping beats being played by the PCS Samba Band (Public and Commercial Services Union), who were drumming up support against the tax that Manchester Users Network (MUN) members have voted previously to support any campaigns that seek an end to the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith evil in design, bedroom tax. Press this link to read MUN SAY NO TO IDS & His Wicked Bedroom Tax On Our Service Users

Manchester Peaples Assbly 435The support against the bedroom tax, as it is known, is growing amongst the people of Manchester, many whose families are suffering due to having to pay, often paying out of a fixed income. As more and more families experience the ill effects from a government policy seen as playing hard ball with the lives of some the most vulnerable people in Manchester.

Manchester Peaples Assbly 487Manchester Users Network in collaboration with its own network of Carers and Services Users are currently gathering evidence to establish if service user’s needs are being met. If you or your loved ones are currently suffering from this benefit cut/bedroom tax, would you kindly please take part in our questionnaire: please get in contact with the address below to receive a copy.

Our address is: – The Offices of Manchester Users Network, North Manchester General Hospital Delaunay’s Road, Crumpsall, Manchester, M8 5RB. Or telephone our offices on Tel: 0161-918-4343. or email Us

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