“Patients have a right to speak out against what they know to be wrong.” says MUN Chair !

Statement Made By MUN Elected Chair Paul Reed.

In November of two thousand and seven,  eighty-three [83] cross party MP’s signed an early day motion sponsored by Manchester MP John Leech. Let us not forget what was said back then in the House of Commons about Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust (MMH&SCT) who had a bad record when it came to free speech.

Paul Reed Elected Chair 2012- www.manchesterusersnetwork.org.uk-2Patients have a right to speak out against what they know to be wrong. The banning of MUN and the treatment of MUN’s vice chair are actions that belong and indeed are part of the bad old days when staff were sacked for making comments. What happened at the Service Users & Carers Forum under the chair must never happen again, “Using patient against patient is wholly wrong and unethical.” “It’s Time To Be Heard” and “It’s also Time For Change”

This Trust says it has moved on and has the respect of staff and patients at its heart. We will be watching to make sure we don’t have need to go back to the  House of Commons as in 2008 and an early day motion asking for the support of the House for Manchester Staff and patients.

Statement Made In the House of Commons 29 Th November 2007


Session: 2007-08

Date tabled: 29.11.2007

Primary sponsor: Leech, John

Sponsors: Clark, Katy Hopkins, Kelvin Hoyle, Lindsay Hunter, Mark Spink, Bob

That this House notes with concern the sacking of Karen Reissmann, a senior practitioner nurse, from the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust; is concerned that she was unjustifiably dismissed for speaking out against proposed changes to services which many staff believe would result in a worse service to patients; recognises the right of all citizens to freedom of speech; condemns Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust for disciplining Karen Reissmann for exercising her right; and calls on Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust to reinstate Karen Reissmann with immediate effect.

nick-and-karen-reissmann-2-2Karen Reissmann is greeted by the now Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP who  then said  :“The first act of the new chief executive should be to reinstate Karen Reissmann.”   

Link to  Parliament UK  http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2007-08/443 Link To This Story: https://www.manchesterusersnetwork.org.uk/2014/06/22/mun-tuc-stand-shoulder-shoulder-using-patient-patient-wholly-wrong-unethical/

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