MUN Supporter The Late Great Mr Tony Benn: Will & Testament Tonight !

Tony Benn: Will and Testament

CORNERHOUSE, MANCHESTER SAT 5TH JULY,  2014 18:20 – film + post-screening discussion

tony benn manchester labour conf 2008“In this unique autobiographical feature, Tony Benn – one of the UK’s most influential and charismatic political figures – presents his personal reflections on life, work, love and loss through intimate, confessional interviews, wonderfully illustrated by his personal photographic and film archives. Criss-crossing the UK, he bears witness to major social and political upheavals and events that influenced him during his life and political career.”  

Part of Tony Benn: Will and Testament

Join Ruth Winstone (Tony Benn’s long-time friend, colleague, editor of his published diaries and associate producer on Will and Testament), Jim Mowatt (political figure and Director of Education at Unite) and Broadcaster Terry Christian for a panel discussion following our screening of Tony Benn: Will and Testament.

Tony Benn stood as a Patron on the Nurse Karen Reissmann Legal Defence Team, he passionately believed in the Manchester nurse’s action of blowing the whistle on the Manchester Hospital. (see link to story)

Photograph Copyright: MUNReporter 2008

Link To This Story :

Link To This Story:

[2014, Skip Kite, 94 min]

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