BY: Craig Hepworth

watching Gold fishAward-winning Vertigo Theatre Productions ( Mysterious Skin, M, OUT, Die, Mommie,Die, Rage etc) bring to the stageWatching Goldfish Suffocate, an exciting original new play by first time writer David Degiorgio about his own experiences of mental illness told in a unique and enlightening way.

The play will have its premiere on August 13th – 16th at Taurus Bar on Canal Street in Manchester. Coronation Street actor Ian Puleston Davies who plays Owen has thrown his support behind the play due to his own battles with mental health that he covered in his hit film Dirty Filthy Love.

David Degiorgio always wanted to be an actor, it was his passion, after doing a few small shows he met the folks atVertigo Theatre Productions who cast him in two plays. He blossomed and received rave reviews from the critics and got many a job offer after catching the eyes of casting directors on the scene.

However, he turned everything down. He quit his job, he cut himself off from people and began a terrifying descent in to a place that would ultimately see him hospitalised, diagnosed with manic depression, heightened anxiety and Psychosis. From believing he could help world peace to becoming fascinated by his housemates goldfish, Dave nearly lost everything.

Watching Goldfish Suffocate tells the true story of David who is the writer of this play and stars in the play as himself, recreating a year in his life that saw him go from rave reviews to the darkest of times. Brave and bold, funny and heartbreaking, raw and theatrical, the play puts the subject of mental illness in the spotlight like never seen before.

A recent work in progress performance of the show had audiences applauding and caught the attention of BUPA’s Mental Health team where both David and Craig were invited in to talk about the show and their battles with mental health. The charity Time to Change has also allowed the show to use their logo as a seal of approval.

Directed by award winning Craig Hepworth and produced by award winning Vertigo Theatre Productions, the play also stars Richard Allen and David Edward Lock (both from the award-nominated Mysterious Skin) and Celine Constantinides (Rage).

Tickets are now sold out but a returns line will be available at Taurus from 7pm each night of the show for any returns or last minute availabe seats. The show will also be announcing further venues soon.


Credit: Craig Hepworth

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