Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme is STOPPING people with mental health issues getting jobs

Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme is STOPPING people with mental health issues getting jobs

By: Susie Boniface

A survey by mental health charity Mind has found that a whopping 83% of people who lost their jobs die to mental illness got worse on the scheme

Iain-Duncan-Smith Scheme: Iain Duncan Smith devised the Work Programme, which is said to be failing

The Government’s Work Programme STOPS people getting back to work.

A survey by mental health charity Mind found 83% of those who lost their jobs due to mental illness got worse on the scheme.

Three quarters – 76% – felt less able to work, and 81% who were mentally well when they lost jobs felt ill afterwards.

The Programme, devised by Iain Duncan Smith, is delivered by private firms.

Mind chief executive Paul Farmer said: “If someone is depressed and out of work a CV course won’t help.”

There is also evidence the Work Programme costs the taxpayer. Of 640 unemployed polled, 86% said they needed more support from mental health services.

And nearly one in four – 24% – had been hospitalised or sectioned due to a mental health crisis.

The National Audit Office has found the programme is paying £31million in bonuses to private firms this year, but the ­Department of Work and Pensions disputes this.

Mind is calling for the mentally ill to be given tailored courses as the scheme is so damaging.

A DWP spokesman said: “Everyone is different and so the Work Programme looks at an individual’s barriers to work and tailors the support specific to their needs.

“It has already helped thousands of people with mental health conditions into work – instead of just writing people off on sickness benefits as often happened in the past”

 Credit: Daily Mirror Newspaper

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