Mental health campaigner who launched ‘Find Mike’ search set to spend Christmas in hospital

Mental health campaigner who launched ‘Find Mike’ search set to spend Christmas in hospital

johnnybenjaminSuicidal thoughts: Jonny Benjamin


23 rd December, 2014

A mental health campaigner who launched a viral search for the Good Samaritan who talked him out of suicide is set to spend Christmas in hospital. Jonny Benjamin, 27, has revealed he will be undergoing treatment for schizoaffective disorder over the festive period after his health deteriorated.

Speaking in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Mr Benjamin said he had been experiencing recurring suicidal thoughts.

He previously came close to attempting suicide on Waterloo Bridge in 2008 but was talked down from the ledge by a passer-by. He later tracked down his saviour through an online campaign.

Commenting on his ongoing battle with depression, he said this week: “I’ve been making plans for my suicide and as a result I’m going back into hospital. I’m really not doing very well.

“Just when I think it can’t get any worse, it somehow seems to. Really am at rock bottom. I see my suicide as the only escape from it.”

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He continued: “I can’t be around anyone anymore. When I am, I’m shaking, trembling, even around the people that I love. That’s how bad the anxiety has got, I can’t even be around the people I love.

“And so I see the only way around that is to take my life, because I don’t think I’m going to get better.

“I absolutely cannot stand myself being in this skin, hearing my voice. I hate myself – how can you recover from that? I don’t know if I can.”

Hundreds of his Twitter followers subsequently sent him messages of support.

He replied: “Thank-you for your tweets. I’m back in hospital and will be in here over Christmas. Really struggling but determined to overcome this.”

Anyone experiencing mental health problems can contact  The Samaritans.

Credit: The London Evening Standard

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