Mum to show art by son who starved after benefits slashed

NEWLY discovered artwork by a man who starved to death after his benefits were wrongly cut is to go on public display from tomorrow.

The works by Mark Wood were uncovered by his mother as she went through the task of clearing his house.

As she went through his belongings, Jill Gant discovered her son’s full collection of paintings, cartoons, writings and musical compositions.

Charity accuse Manchester City Council of lying about homeless figures

A charity has accused Manchester City Council of lying about homeless figures, saying that they don’t paint a ‘true reflection’ of the situation in the city.

The Manchester Angels, who help to keep people safe in the city at night, believe that the council’s yearly audits strongly under-estimate the amount of those living rough in the city.

The charity was set up by Wesley Hall last year following the death of Stockport teenager Adam Pickup in 2013.

Mental health workers protest at move to integrate clinic with jobcentre

Mental health workers and their clients marched on a jobcentre in south-west London in protest at a scheme they say frames unemployment as a psychological disorder.
The Department for Work and Pensions announced in March that Streatham’s jobcentre would be the first to have therapists giving mental health support to help unemployed people back into work.
The DWP has now said that announcement was a mistake. But by coincidence, next week Lambeth council will open a £1.9m mental health clinic in the same building.

Suicide crisis centre to launch 24/7 helpline

A CRISIS centre that helps people contemplating suicide is opening a 24-hour emergency helpline.
The Sanctuary Wigan and Leigh, based at Patrick House in Leigh Road, Leigh, provides overnight support for people with mental health problems.
It opened in October last year and aims to keep those experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, depression or suicidal thoughts out of police cells and A&E departments.
The Sanctuary announced plans for a new helpline to serve people across Greater Manchester as a damning report on mental health crisis care was published.

‘Deliberately humiliating’: Manchester users’ group hits out at mental health trust

A mental health advocacy group has accused Manchester’s mental health trust of ‘harassing’ its members in an attempt to ‘cut off an avenue for mental health patients and campaigners’.

Manchester Users Network (MUN) say Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust’s ‘increasingly hostile communications’ have led to ‘anxiety and distress’ amongst members, who are all users of mental health services.

Kate Lampard report of Jimmy Saville being misused!

Cuts to Mental Health as

Service User Groups (patients) are being bullied and being stopped from functioning by the Kate Lampard report of Jimmy Saville being misused!

MUN: NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy (ICA) meeting Wednesday 10th June 2015, 1.30pm.

NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy (ICA)
Wednesday 10th June 2015, 1.30pm.

Concerns remain over failing mental health trust

A senior clinician known simply as Claire has spoken to the BBC in an exclusive interview.

She says despite regulators stepping in since February, little has improved at the Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust.

The trust says it has made changes and is entering a period of stability.

North Manchester General Hospital shuts ward because of ‘staffing pressures’

Bosses at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust say they have temporarily closed Cedar Ward at North Manchester General Hospital and have now moved the beds across town to Wythenshawe Hospital.

They say the decision was taken to address ‘staffing pressures’ on the ward, which treats elderly men for conditions including dementia.

The ward’s closure means the trust’s Park House facility at North Manchester has lost 20 beds.