Manchester City Councils Joint Health Scrutiny Committee Public Meeting 9 Th Dec.

Public Meeting


Prior to the meeting of Manchester City Councils Joint Scrutiny Committee. Manchester User’s Network {MUN} will gather on Wednesday 9th Dec to protest and to lobby council on behalf of the Services Users organisation ; which supports users and ex-users of psychiatric services in Manchester and provide a forum for users to have a bona fide say in planning and provision of mental health services. MUN presently has Carers & former employees of Mental Health Services supporting as honouree members.

Meeting of Manchester Mental Health City Council’s Joint Health and Scrutiny Committee this week Wednesday 9th December at 10am .Assemble to Lobby Council outsides side entrance to Town Hall 9:15 am.

MUN invited by Cllr Craig, Chair of the Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee to a seminar to be held this Wednesday 9th December at 10am in Committee Room 2, Level 2, and Manchester Town Hall Ext.

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss further the Cost Improvement Plans (CIP) Proposals for 2015/16 of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust that was considered at the October meeting of Health Scrutiny.

You can download the report and the minutes of that meeting using the following link:


This session is an opportunity for the Trust to provide any update to members following the discussion held 29 October 2015 at Health Scrutiny. The members will also hear from the Clinical Commissioning Group, Manchester City Council Commissioners, Service Users, Unison and the Royal College of Nursing.

The proposed order for the session will be –

10.00am – Introduction from the Chair
10.05am – Comments from the Clinical Commissioning Group and Manchester City Council Commissioners
10.20am – Comments from and questions to the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust
10.50am – Comments from Service Users
11.15am – Comments from Unison, Royal College of Nursing and British Medical Association
11.25am – Response from MMHSCT
11.40am – Response from the Clinical Commissioning Group and Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust
11.50am – Closing comments from the Chair

A seminar looking at the future of Mental Health services in the city will be held in January 2016.

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