Theresa May to announce extra funding for child mental health treatment

Theresa May is set to use her first major speech of 2017 to announce extra help for young people with mental health problems.

Written by:  John Ashmore

Theresa May speaking outside Downing St the day she became Prime MinisterCredit: PA



The Times reports that Mrs May will use an address on Monday to try to shift the focus away from Brexit and on to other policy areas.

While she has committed to outlining her “vision” for Britain’s post-Brexit future, the Prime Minister is also apparently keen for her premiership not to become overwhelmed by arguments over Europe.

However Downing St made clear the speech had been planned before news of the resignation of Britain’s top EU diplomat, Sir Ivan Rogers, earlier this week.

On becoming Prime Minister, she said there was “not enough help” for patients with mental health problems and she is expected to announce new policies to ensure mental health patients have parity of treatment with other NHS patients.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt acknowledged that child mental health was “possibly the biggest single area of weakness in NHS provision at the moment”.

He particularly identified the need to focus on younger children to ensure they do not develop conditions which become harder to treat later in life.

“I think we are letting down too many families and not intervening early enough when there is a curable mental health condition, which we can do something about when a child is eight or nine, but if you leave it until they are 15 or 16, it’s too late,” Mr Hunt told the Health Service Journal.





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One Response to "Theresa May to announce extra funding for child mental health treatment"

  1. Thorvid   9th January 2017 at 12:05 PM

    Once again we have hollow words and small band aids to ‘fix’ the stigma and imbalances in the care of mental health.

    Off loading the ‘problem’ to schools and employers to deal with is not a solution! Especially when you expect them to do it in addition to their existing comments, with little to no extra funding/support.
    Setting up yet another investigation into how to ‘fix’ the problem, is not a solution, it’s kicking the problems further down the road AGAIN, as successive governments have done.

    £67m to develop online forms to ‘self-diagnose’, what are complex and difficult conditions that the professionals with years of training and experience get wrong, and don’t agree on all the time, (e.g. A 20 year diagnosis of severe debilitating bipolar, BPD & associated conditions, now in a 2 month reassessment for another condition, that I’m told will take 2 – 3 months to full re-evaluate, by the professionals).
    Additionally you know what GP thinks of you turning up at the surgery and saying I’ve got this illness, by online self diagnosis! I’m sure you’ve heard the ‘its probably best you let the professional diagnose the problem’ speech, and as for someone with mental health issues saying that, you will be told, ‘your ill, you can’t make that kind of assessment yourself’.

    Yes my response to these announcements are coloured, and probably considered quite bias by the majority of readers.
    But this is not as many may well think a political bias, but that of a user of the woeful excuse that we currently call ‘mental health services’, someone that has been letdown and abandoned by the system, and essentially been left to care for themselves, which has resulted in 20 years of life destroyed and wasted, because I am unable to function as a ‘normal member of society’.

    The measures announced today will do more harm. As nothing will change for those of us desperately in need of support and help. In fact things probably just got worse, as money ear marked for self diagnosis online and additional enquiries into the problems, will not be spent where it might actually make some sense.

    While public perception will be that, mental healthcare is now on a par with physical healthcare, after all it’s had loads of additional money over the last 3 years, so how can it not be? Now all the schools and employers are screening for and have policies and care plans in place to bend over backwards to help these poor affected souls, there is no more stigma. They don’t deserve any more than this, they need to put up and shut up, and just get on with it, like the rest of us.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    But it’s ok, as my experiences do not fit the government approved narrative, I’m sure it will be easy for you to ignore or dismiss it as the misconceived views of a suffer of mental health issues, ‘who couldn’t possibly be able to see the real picture, as they are mentally ill’.


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