ManVCam: Protesters prepare for Albert Square government cuts rally

Manchester celebrities Shaun Ryder, Terry Christian, Rowetta and Claire Mooney are to lead hundreds of protesters in a rally against ‘appalling’ coalition cuts that have affected the city.

The Mancunian icons will lead crowds in what they are calling a ‘smart rally’— an emulation of the pro democracy demonstrations that took place in Hong Kong back in September 2014.

Norfolk and Suffolk mental health Skype ‘outsourcing’ causes concern

Norfolk and Suffolk mental health Skype ‘outsourcing’ causes concern
A health trust’s proposal to help treat patients with depression by using “staff from lower wage countries” via Skype showed a lack of understanding of mental health care, say campaigners.

The idea was put forward in a report to the government by the mental health trust for Norfolk and Suffolk.

Unison, which represents mental health staff, said the plan failed to show an understanding of mental health care.

Pledge to end locking up mentally ill in police cells

Authorities in England have pledged to bring an end to the practice of detaining people with mental health problems in police cells.

The NHS, councils and police are now set to come up with plans for how they will achieve this, the government said.

Care minister Norman Lamb said real progress had already been made, and added that “in many parts of the country it’s now a thing of the past”

£50m cut from child mental health services since 2010, govt admits

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has been criticized after it was revealed £50 million was cut from the children’s mental health budget – more than 6 percent in real terms – since 2010 when the Conservative-led coalition came to power.

According to government figures, the coalition spent £717 million on mental health from 2012 to 2013, compared to £766 million spent under the Labour government from 2009 to 2010.

Kesia Leatherbarrow: Teenage girl found hanged in friend’s garden days after being arrested by police

A 17-year-old girl found dead just days after being arrested by police – and held in custody for an entire weekend – had threatened to kill herself in front of officers a month earlier, her inquest has heard.

Kesia Leatherbarrow, who suffered with mental health problems and drug addiction, was found dead in a friend’s garden in Dukinfield on December 3 – a day after she appeared in court.

Tory councillor Mark Winn says food banks are only used by ‘those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems’

A Tory councillor has provoked a Twitter backlash after claiming that food banks are only visited by “those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems”.

Mark Winn, who is also a civil servant with the Ministry of Defence and until recently held an appointment on Buckinghamshire council’s health scrutiny committee, hit out at what he called “the BBC doing Labour’s bidding” after watching an episode of Casualty on Saturday night.

Mental health worker Deborah Bone who inspired Pulp’s Disco 2000 dies

A pioneering mental health worker who inspired Pulp’s hit single Disco 2000 and was awarded an MBE in the New Year honours list has died aged 51.

Deborah Bone had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer, and died on 30 December – hours after receiving an honour for her services to children and young people.

Bone, who lived in Letchworth in Hertfordshire, with her husband and two daughters, developed ways to help young people cope with high stress and anxiety, including a visual resource dubbed Brainbox and the award-winning Bright Stars programme used in primary schools across her home county.

Born in Sheffield, Bone’s mother is close friends with the mother of Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker – an association that led to her being named inDisco 2000 in the lyric: “Well we were born within one hour of each other. Our mothers said we could be sister and brother. Your name is Deborah. Deborah. It never suited ya.”

‘Depression and Christmas just don’t go’

On the day many people will be waking up to the prospect of a fortnight at home, blogger Charlotte Walker shares how she plans to take care of her mental health during the festive season.

I have often found Christmas difficult. This year I’m recovering from a mental health crisis which makes seasonal planning particularly challenging. It’s common to feel under pressure to create a magical Christmas but if you are already stressed, anxious or depressed, that pressure can be magnified.

Mentally-ill teenagers no longer to be held in cells

Teenagers experiencing mental health problems will no longer be detained in police cells as a “place of safety”.

Home Secretary Theresa May will announce later an overhaul of mental health laws in England and Wales.

The government review is also set to recommend adults should only be kept in a police cell as a place of safety in exceptional circumstances.

“Forcing people to engage in these activities, and cutting their benefits if they struggle to do so, is inappropriate and counter-productive.

The government’s back-to-work schemes are ineffective and damaging for people with mental health problems, according to campaigners.

The charity Mind says unemployed people with mental health problems should be moved from mainstream programmes onto a specialist scheme.