Mental health service in Manchester plunged into crisis as NHS trust axed and vital services cut

Paul Reed, of the Manchester Users Network, said one reason occupational-type therapies are so important is that patients are continuously seen by staff while there.

He said he had never had such a response from patients over any issue.

Referring to Karen Reissmann, the MHSC nurse who was sacked four years ago after speaking out against cuts within the trust, he said: “She has been proved right.

“If this is approved, it is going to be terrible for people.”

Round-the-clock mental care at A&E in five years

AROUND-the-clock mental health care will be provided at all accident and emergency departments within the next five years.
In the NHS mandate between the Government and NHS England, which sets out the ambitions for the health service, it states that access to crisis services for an individual must be “at all times as accessible, responsive and as high quality as other health emergency services”.
This includes ensuring the provision of adequate liaison psychiatry services in emergency departments.

A Week in the Life of a (Zionist) Tory Agent

A Week in the Life of a (Zionist) Tory Agent

The Conservative Party in Manchester has a very limited membership. We find ourselves running the affairs of four constituencies, with only a handful of those members actually willing to devote their time to the 2015 campaign in four parliamentary constituencies, in addition to running 27 local government candidates for Manchester City Council and two candidates running for Salford City Council.
Our chairman, Nick Savage, runs the master control panel between his full-time duties training as a medical doctor, and preparing for his end-of-year exams. Peter Schofield, the backbone of Manchester Conservatives, who has been working in the party for over fifty years, complains than Nick sends too many emails, but what else can he do when the powers-that-be in the higher echelons of the party keep asking Nick for updates? I imagine Nick arriving home late at night, sitting in his chair and petting his white cat, like Max Von Sydow as Ernst Blofeld in the James Bond film Thunderball, saying, “Number 2, what have you got to report from Withington Constituency?”

Election Special for Patients staff and the Public 22 nd April 7pm-9pm

Election Special for Patients staff and the Public 22 nd April 7pm-9pm
Manchester Users Network will be hosting an Election Special for Patients staff and the Public to attend so they will have a chance to ask questions of Parliamentary Candidates.

Manchester Users Network hosts ‘A Question Time Special’ 22 nd April 7pm – 9pm

North West Health Journalist And Television Broadcaster Elaine Dunkley will be chairing the Question Time Special.