Broadmoor nurse sold stories about killers to newspaper

A mental health nurse at Broadmoor high security hospital has admitted selling stories about patients to journalists.

Kenneth Hall, 49, from Bridgwater, Somerset, sold details about killers held at the hospital to the News Of The World and Mirror newspapers.

They included Robert Ashman, who attacked MP Nigel Jones and killed his assistant with a samurai sword in 2000.

Hall pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office at the Old Bailey and will be sentenced next month.

Mental health workers must recognise they are only human to prevent burnout, finds study

All the self-care in the world won’t prevent burnout unless mental health workers stop trying to be superhuman and accept their vulnerabilities, an Australian researcher told Community Care.
Marieke Ledingham, a lecturer in counselling at the University of Notre-Dame, Australia, conducted research with 55 mental health workers to find out why they were suffering burnout in such large numbers, despite understanding its causes.