Manchester’s mental health bosses push through savage cuts despite public rage

A public consultation carried out following pressure from councillors last year has concluded people were against the move.

Manchester’s mental health bosses push through savage cuts despite public rage

BY: JENNIFER WILLIAMS: Manchester’s mental health trust is to push ahead in axing £1:5m of frontline services, the M.E.N. can reveal – despite a huge public outcry. At its board meeting Thursday morning Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust is due to scrap eight separate community-based services, hitting around 500 patients. They include arts […]

Manchester mental health services in deep crisis

Manchester Users Network leader and NSUN member, Alan Hartman warns of the deepening crisis in Mental Health Services that puts even more people at risk of suicide.

He states “the new round of £1.5m worth of cuts will hit more than 650 patients and a huge fear for service users is that services will not provide any therapeutic support but resort only to giving medications which can cause devastating side effects and can make people worse.”

Mental health service in Manchester plunged into crisis as NHS trust axed and vital services cut

Paul Reed, of the Manchester Users Network, said one reason occupational-type therapies are so important is that patients are continuously seen by staff while there.

He said he had never had such a response from patients over any issue.

Referring to Karen Reissmann, the MHSC nurse who was sacked four years ago after speaking out against cuts within the trust, he said: “She has been proved right.

“If this is approved, it is going to be terrible for people.”

Press Release – Manchester Users Network

Press Release – Manchester Users Network

Criminal Treatment, is how many Mental Health Stakeholders describe the way people who suffer with Severe & Enduring Mental illness are being sent to Prison and are relying on food banks and are homeless, leading to suicide and other premature death, especially in Manchester, after the closure of the Psychiatric Hospital in Central Manchester “Edale”, as Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust are still in debt of £350 000 to Central NHS Manchester Foundation Trust.