Mother’s fury as son with mental health problems is moved 270 miles away

A furious mother has condemned mental health officials in Plymouth who moved her teenage son nearly 300 miles without telling any of his family.

She she discovered the troubled 19-year-old had been transferred when she went to visit him and discovered he wasn’t there.

The teenager had been taken from the Glenbourne unit near his family in Plymouth to The Priory Hospital, in Manchester.

Question Time Special organised by Manchester User’s Network Conservative Party Reports Event

Manchester Conservatives Deputy Chairman and local candidate for Didsbury West David Semple took part in Question Time Special organised by Manchester User’s Network. The panel, consisting of parliamentary and local candidates representing the whole political spectrum, was chaired by BBC health correspondent Elaine Dunkley.

Press Release – Manchester Users Network

Press Release – Manchester Users Network

Criminal Treatment, is how many Mental Health Stakeholders describe the way people who suffer with Severe & Enduring Mental illness are being sent to Prison and are relying on food banks and are homeless, leading to suicide and other premature death, especially in Manchester, after the closure of the Psychiatric Hospital in Central Manchester “Edale”, as Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust are still in debt of £350 000 to Central NHS Manchester Foundation Trust.