Jonny Benjamin’s journey from suicidal despair to mental health envoy

“We need to be tackling this now. I just see mental health provision getting worse.”

Jonny Benjamin’s journey from suicidal despair to mental health envoy

Mr Benjamin was talked out of killing himself – so he’s returning the favour BY: Katie Grant   @kt_grant Jonny Benjamin on Waterloo Bridge, where he tried to kill himself Channel 4   On a January morning in 2008 a young man from south London approached the edge of Waterloo Bridge and prepared to throw himself off. Jonny Benjamin […]

Mental health patients given hospital beds hundreds of miles away from home

Mentally ill patients are being sent for treatment in hospitals that are vast distances from their homes.

Nearly 500 are at least 30 miles away, another 1,600 are treated outside their local area and in one case a father faces a six-hour 240-mile round trip to visit his daughter.
The new figures highlight the plight of patients left isolated and scared because there are no facilities in their area.

Mental health campaigner who launched ‘Find Mike’ search set to spend Christmas in hospital

A mental health campaigner who launched a viral search for the Good Samaritan who talked him out of suicide is set to spend Christmas in hospital.

Jonny Benjamin, 27, has revealed he will be undergoing treatment for schizoaffective disorder over the festive period after his health deteriorated.

Speaking in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Mr Benjamin said he had been experiencing recurring suicidal thoughts