Support Nurse Karen Reissmann, Nurse Reissmann Has The Support of M.U.N.

    Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP says: “The first act of the new chief executive should be to reinstate Karen Reissmann.” 


Manchester mental health – listen to users and staff

MEN has recently covered the resignation of Sheila Foley, chief executive of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust. This followed a report critical of the Trust over the last 8 years which has been rated as 173rd worst out of 175 mental health services in England.

Open letter to Manchester Evening News,

We believe that this is a time for a new start – to rebuild relationships and confidence across those involved in Manchester’s mental well being – service users, carers, staff and the public. We believe that this can only be done by working together.

We therefore welcome the recent report by the Manchester User Network which describes well the problems many users face and offers some solutions. It also recommends proper user involvement which is user-led not management-driven.

We believe this should be listened to.

We also believe that the Trust should reinstate Karen Reissmann, senior nurse and UNISON branch chair who was unfairly sacked in November last year.

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