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Press release from Karen Reissmann Campaign – 

On Friday 29th August, Karen Reissmann ex employer made an offer to her to
settle her claim for unfair dismissal. The offer made no admission of
liability for her sacking. The offer did not include reinstatement.

“I am not accepting this offer. It’s not simply about the money. The
principles are too important. We should continue to stand up and defend the
right of NHS trade union reps to comment on government policy and its impact
on services. I want to prove to a court that I was unfairly dismissed. That
would protect me and would also be a reminder to all other NHS Trusts that
they cannot sack trade unionists for speaking out.” said Karen, a UNISON rep
who was sacked in November 2007 for speaking out about cuts and
privatisation in Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.

Her union’s national health group executive have said from the beginning
“UNISON will vigorously defend our members right to speak out without fear
of persecution and we will ensure that Karen will be supported throughout
this process and that her interests with be positively defended.”

Disgracefully at this crucial stage, without any discussion with Karen or
her branch, Karen was informed that, as she was not accepting the current
offer, UNISON legal support would be withdrawn from that point onwards.

The mental health trust had already put in an application for an adjournment
of the case until at least November as one of the key witnesses was unable
to attend.

The campaign intend to proceed with their show of solidarity with Karen on
Monday morning and a delegation will go to UNISON North West offices round
the corner asking UNISON to reinstate her legal support.
For more details contact campaign on 07931 152 001 OR 0161 620 9497

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