The CEO Jackie Daniel “Demonstrates A Large Capacity To Listen”

The Chief Executive of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

At a meeting today (Tuesday 19th August) with new CEO Ms Jackie Daniel, representatives of Manchester Users Network as instructed by their membership directly called upon new CEO Jackie Daniel to reinstate the sacked nurse and put an end to the sheer folly.

After the meeting, some of the members who wished to remain anonymous said they felt that the new CEO Jackie Daniel demonstrated a large capacity to listen and appeared to understand her brief. Daniel said to those at the meeting “Part of my job will be to be guided by the forthcoming tribunal”. One of the Service users said he now believed that he had reasons to feel hopeful about the future, sighting that the tribunal he believed would bring about a semblance of justice for all nursing staff and patients.

Taken From The Manchester Evening New Monday 13th October, 2008:-

Manchester Evening News Jacki Danial CEO 13-10-2008
Manchester Evening News Jacki Danial CEO 13-10-2008

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