By Paul Reed
By Paul Reed

In Manchester Piccadilly’s Gardens stood erected a big top tent, inside taking place was a meeting organised by Manchester Link, an organisation formed to bring forward idea’s that the public wants to see happening within the National Health Service. Sharing a platform of panellist were some of Manchester’s leaders in health care and City councillor, amongst them sat John Boyington CBE (Here Pictured) who most recently wrote a damming report on Manchester Mental Health (Available to read here on this website The Boyington Report as it’s became known } .

Answering questions from members of the public and service users Mr Boyington explained in detail some of the report , he was publicly congratulated by Manchester Users Network member Helen Sager, for an ‘Par excellent’ report which brought to the attention of the country just how bad Manchester Mental Health has been running and the way that service users have received services. Both Helen and Mr Boyington received a thunderous applause from members of the public leaving the others panellist on the platform slightly shell-shocked. 

Manchester Users Networks Helen Sagar and John Boyington CBE

Manchester Users Network’s Helen Sagar and John Boyington CBE




The instructions from the report and with the publics backing for the report it is blatantly clear that the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care have got to listen to Services Users and that says many at the meeting means having patients on the board of Director and having a say in the choosing of the next permanent Chief Executive Officer.

The meeting was interrupted by the tragic appearance of a young man called Wayne; he began to shout obscenities aimed solely at Councillor Basil Curley who he accused of receiving £60:000 a year and nothing was being done for the homeless of the City. Wayne cut a tragic figure, Presenter for Channel M television and ‘Question Time chair at the ‘Big Tent Event’ Andy Crane brought matters swiftly back to a civilised debate allowing Wayne to inform the audience that there was now nowhere for homeless persons to wash or shower and he accused Councillor Curley of signing the order to close the facility which kept those in most need of help clean and free of illnesses.

Wayne said:

 “I am one of Manchester’s homeless I cut myself when I get depressed with razors I cut my neck and arms with piece of glass, because I have got nowhere else to go. I don’t beg, I don’t steal, I don’t hassle the public, but there’s no shelters for me to go to at night to get me roof and shelter so I can feel safe”

Councillor Basil Curley a man well known to Manchester Users Network from his many promises made to Manchester Users Network way back in 2006 ( Independent minutes taken by MACC on the 16th January 2006 .we will publish them soon)  then Councillor Basil Curley told us of the many things that he was going to do to help with User involvement. January 2006 was the last date we heard from the learned Councillor. Here is what Councillor Basil Curly said to Wayne, in answer to Wayne’s, ‘du Profundus’ :-

“Nobody in Manchester, Wayne, needs to be out in the street, we have enough accommodations with Woodwood Court With Downing Street and elsewhere, What I will promise you ,”

(Heckling in the tent, members of the public describe Woodwood Court and Downing Street as places full of spent heroin needles. The Councillor agrees and says he is not denying this)

Councillor Basil Curley continues

“ What I will do Wayne, I will get someone from ‘Homeless Services’ to talk with you, as soon as I have finished here,  I give you that promise.”

Let’s hope that Wayne is looked after by Councillor Basil Curly better then Manchester Users Network were back in January of two thousand and six which was the last time that the Service Users had any contact with Councillor Basil Curley.

Watch the Channel M coverage below

Wayne has the promise of counciller Basil Curley
Wayne has the promise of counciller Basil Curley

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