“FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES OF JUSTICE” Sacked nurse Karen Reissmann

Sacked nurse Karen Reissmann launches fund for Justice.

Supporters of the Manchester nurse Karen Reissmann, sacked for speaking out, have launched a fund to help pay for her legal costs. “Karen’s case raises fundamental issues of justice. She deserves all the support we can give her” said Tony Benn.

Paul Reed from the Manchester User Network (MUN) said ” MUN have supported Karen from day 1 because we know the injustice behind the case. We are happy to contribute in any way we can and call on our fellow Mancunians to do likewise.”

legal-defence-fund-launch-04-11-2008-10am-0082-300x225They assembled in the NUJ offices in Manchester exactly one year since Karen was sacked by Manchester’s Mental Health Trust for speaking out about cuts and privatisation of services. Her employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal will be heard in Manchester on 26 th January 2009. Since her dismissal Karen has been elected onto UNISON’s national executive.

(Pictured left )Assembled Some Of The Legal Defence Fund Team Including The Former Stockport Nurse Graham Pink Known Nationally For His Hard Won Battle He reported how understaffing caused inadequate care for the elderly of a Stockport NHS Hospital

Mark Steel, comedian said “Karen and her supporters clearly had the interests of patients at heart, whilst the Trust had the interest of saving money. So obviously Karen Reissmann is the hero and the Trust the villain, but somehow in modern Britain the people in charge can decide its the other way round.proffessor-mark-steel

Graham Pink, a retired nurse from Stockport who was himself unfairly dismissed for speaking out about care of the elderly 18 years ago said  “I am appalled that nearly 2 decades after my case this unacceptable treatment could be inflicted on a caring nurse.”

Other patrons of Karen’s legal defence fund are John Leech, Lib Dem MP for Withington, John McDonnell, Labour MP, Robert Lizar, Manchester solicitor and Hilary Wainwright, writer.

tony benn manchester labour conf 2008Donations can be made to “Karen Reissmann legal defence fund, Unity Trust Bank, sort 08-60-01, acc no 20215859 and sent to Kathy Crotty, treasurer, 181 St Mary’s Rd, Manchester M40 0BN.

(Pictured left ) Supporter Benn Known Globally For Sticking To His Principles.

legal-defence-fund-launch-04-11-2008-10am-007-300x225 2

All With One Aim “Justice For Karen”

For more information contact 07972 120 451

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