Tory Shadow Minister’s Brother Banned After Allegations He Prescribed Drugs to Pals

By: Paul Reed
By: Paul Reed

Shadow Minister’s Brother Was Before GMC For Alleged Prescription Irregularities

Below reported by Amanda Crook of the Manchester Evening News is a story that ten years ago would have been brought to you on the day that the GMC suspended Doctor Adam Osborne a 32 year old living in Chorlton Manchester. However, journalist, from the BBC have failed the people who pay up front for a service that is no longer being delivered and now no longer operates a “News Desk” after six pm weekdays and not

Son of baronet Sir Peter Osborne, the founder of wallpaper merchants, Osborne & Little.
George Osborne MP Shadow Minister in UK Government ,Son of baronet Sir Peter Osborne, the founder of wallpaper merchants, Osborne & Little.

at all at weekends. Anyone who studied the news and saw the lack of coverage by the BBC of the Manchester Nurse’s case who was suspended and then sacked for speaking to the media will no doubt recognise exactly this point. Patients need total information so they can make informed decisions when choosing treatments

It appears that in the case of Dr Osborne that Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust,  it would seem thoughout acted with total responsibility, and this should be pointed out to our readers.

MP’s brother banned from working as junior doctor

By: Amanda Crook

THE brother of shadow chancellor George Osborne has been banned from working as a junior doctor over allegations he prescribed drugs to friends.

Dr Adam Osborne, 32, was working as a junior doctor at Manchester’s psychiatric servicesbut resigned when health bosses began an investigation in May.


Doctors watchdog the General Medical Council suspended him from practising medicine in September and officials are now probing the allegations further. Dr Osborne, thought to be training as a psychiatrist, started working at the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust in February. It’s understood that the allegations refer to private prescriptions of tranquilisers and were not considered by the trust to constitute a criminal matter.

A spokesman for Dr Osborne’s older brother George, who is the MP for Tatton in Cheshire and David Cameron’s right-hand man on the Conservative front bench, refused to comment.

A spokesman for the trust said: “Dr Osborne was suspended on the 12 May 2008 and the trust began an investigation, however he resigned on the 29 May 2008 whilst the investigation was underway.


“Despite his resignation the trust continued with the investigation which subsequently determined that dismissal would have been appropriate if Dr Osborne had still been in post. In accordance with national guidance the National Clinical Assessment Service and the GMC were informed of the situation.”

The GMC investigate hundreds of complaints every year but only suspends people ahead of a public hearing if they fear there is a risk to public safety if a doctor under suspicion continues to practise.

Dr Osborne, who lives in Chorlton, said: “I can confirm that I have been suspended by the General Medical Council’s interim orders panel. I’m not able to comment any further at this time.” Dr Osborne trained at Manchester University finishing his degree in 2003.

The TIMES ON-LINE on the following day reports the following at their website:

Below story as it appears in the Sunday Times On Line 27th November, 2008

George Osborne’s brother suspended as doctor

George Osborne is the eldest of four brothers
George Osborne is the eldest of four brothers

By: Nico Hines
The younger brother of George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, has been suspended from working as a doctor over allegations of prescription irregularities.

Adam Osborne, 32, is banned from practising medicine for up to 18 months while the General Medical Council (GMC) investigates claims that he incorrectly prescribed tranquilisers.

The Tory frontbencher’s brother has been staying at the family’s multi-million pound mansion in Notting Hill with his parents, Sir Peter and Lady Felicity Osborne, this week as investigators probe his professional conduct at Wythenshawe Hospital, Greater Manchester.

Dr Osborne, who is an NHS psychiatrist and lives in Chorlton, Manchester, released a statement this morning. “I can confirm I have been suspended by the GMC Interim Order Panel. I am unable to comment any further at this time,” he said.

If the allegations are proven, Dr Osborne could receive a lifetime ban from practising medicine in the UK. A spokesman for the shadow chancellor refused to comment on the situation, which comes as Mr Osborne faces increasing pressure for his performance during the financial crisis. He has reportedly been criticised by backbenchers within his own party for failing to successfully challenge Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, despite the obvious economic problems facing the Government.

Mr Osborne was also embarrassed by details of his summer holiday in Corfu during which he enjoyed the hospitality of Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire.

At 37, he is the eldest son of the Osborne family and grew up in West London with Adam and their two other brothers, Theo and Benedict.

Adam Osborne studied medicine at the University of Manchester before qualifying as a doctor in 2004. He specialises in psychiatry.

A GMC spokeswoman said of his suspension from practice today: “It is a measure the GMC can impose on a doctor’s registration when it may be in the best interest of the public safety and health.”

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