Brain Imaging Study to help with Understanding of ‘Bipolar Disorder’

A head cap records the brains activity as you gamble with £15.00 of real money that's your's to keep (depending on performance on the task), plus £25.00

   Understanding Bipolar Disorder

    Brain Imaging Study

Would you like to take part ?

  • Our study involves playing a Roulette game whilst we monitor brain activity
  • It takes place at the University of Manchester scanning facility

We are looking for people who:

  • Have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder
  • Aged 18-50 years

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The Scanner which will show brain activity which will help the research. Afterwards you will be given a unique print off to take home of your brain .

For more information contact us:

School of Psychological Sciences

Zochonis Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

The study involves coming in to the University of Manchester (on Oxford Road) for a brief clinical interview and some brain imaging during a (hopefully) fun and engaging task. The task is a Roulette game in which you can win and lose sums of money. We record surface brain activity using a technique called EEG (see picture attached) at the same time as the MRI scan, halving the amount of time it all takes. It total the study lasts 3-4 hours and we reimburse everybody £25 as a minimum for the amount of time invested in the study. In addition we reimburse up to a further £15 depending on performance on the task – this is necessary so that the money in the task feels genuinely real and is not artificial. Most people do very well. We also offer a digital copy of the brain scan and reimburse travel expenses. Everyone is welcome to take part but we would advise against volunteering if you experience claustrophobia or would feel especially anxious about going into the scanner (we would do a five minute run-through in the replica scanner if you are unsure about this).


Liam Mason  Phone us:        Email us:

   0161 275 2692          

Study advert 14/05/2011 (Version 2). REC allocation number 10/H1008/62

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