Respected Nurse Karen Reissmann

Nurse Karen Reissmann speaking at the heart of the matter, here pictured in Westminster at the Unite the Resistance Conference last Saturday 19 TH November, 2011.

She was received by over 1000+ of different unions united and who had travelled from every part of the country to hear how their members  were feeling.  As an observer, I listened to two young men talking, one said to the other: “I very much pity those who are behind the attempts to destroy the NHS, from what I heard the passions are very real and those lame excursuses that ‘we were only carrying out orders’ will not be accepted mate, this is the point of no return look,.. the managers who have lived the high life at the expense of me, you, our doctors, nurses, and all who believe passionately understand the first principles of our NHS that was born out of two world wars and the misery of Victorian, Edwardian poverty, all brought together under a system that saved lives and worked to make this nation a great nation and the envy of the world” I asked the young man his name after introducing myself. He replied “I’m Rob and this is Peter we are both at Lancaster Uni” I said they looked too young to be bothered to be at a conference on a Saturday afternoon listening to people complaining about how bad things were getting. Peter explained “We’re  here because we are the resistance, we’re here to be part of what’s happening in Egypt and on Wall Street, only we know we need to be here in Westminster where it’s happening also , the people who are taking your NHS are taking my NHS and as he says this is the point, the point of no return we will not let them remove our NHS, the dumbing down of which we know they tried, is all part of a bigger plan and now we’re awake, wide, wide awake they  cannot say we were being paid to improve the system, when we know, when you’re on £200.000 a year, working in the NHS and your saying I’m here because I am being paid, because of the performance and great contribution I bring, at the same time as the nurses lose their jobs.  There will be no, I did not know what I was part of, or I did not understand, you cannot say that, when you’re a manager steeling from under the noses of us all. We’re awake we’re here and we’re on your door step”.

NUJ. Unions From all sorts of Branches Came togather To Unite The Resistance

 Rob and Peter would not let me take a photograph, peter said; “See the face of Hugo in ‘V’ and then you will see our face”. This is a reference to the film set in London in a near-future dystopian society, Natalie Portman stars as Evey, a working-class girl who must determine if her hero has become the very menace he is fighting against. Hugo Weaving plays V—a bold, charismatic freedom fighter driven to exact revenge on those who disfigured him. Stephen Rea portrays the detective leading a desperate quest to capture V before he ignites a revolution. Many of the protesters around the world involved in the ‘Occupy Movement’ like Rob and Peter, use the mask to show that they are a union that uses the film ‘V’ to show each other that they are members of a ‘Wide Awake Movement’ awake to the entire hidden ‘Agenda’s’.  Yes, there is an agenda for change, but it’s not the change most wish to see.


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