Running For Manchester Users Network Helps To Raise Funds.

Running For A Good Causes!


Alan Hartman (Chair) with Amanda Reed



On Sunday members of MUN were at the Bupa Great Manchester Run 2012 to watch Alan Hartman run. The Chair age 64, who will be a pensioner in  November, ran a respectable time of 01:10:20 . Alan has been sponsed by lots of friends of MUN and the money that has been raised will help our membership. Alan uses running to manage the illness he suffers and running every other day helps Alan to keep healthy.

Alan is shown with Amanda Reed, who ran with work friends from the Manchester Dental Hospital. She ran a time of 00:55:55 and both are shown here wearing their medals . Amanda and friends ran to raise money for a Kidney charity. Amanda is considering running for MUN in some of the northern runs shortly coming up.

Alan Hartman Running Man Raise money for MUN

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