Come and Make Some Noise’ About The Cuts to Manchester Mental Health Services !!

]1 Manchester 13 TH October, 2012 come along !
Hope you can all come and make some noise’ about the cuts to Mental Health Services !!

14:00 MCR PICCADILLY Gardens !!! Saturday 13th October 2012 !!!!

GLOBAL STATEMENT Strengthening the local networks is very important. But at the same time, we need strong global actions to reinforce our local work. Often the problems generated by our governments and false democracies do not let us look beyond our local presidents and politicians, to see the full global context of the issues we face. The problems are global because the scam is global, and to combat these problems we need global action.

Occupy Mcr

Democracy is not a tick in a box every X years – a dozen t

imes or so in total over an entire lifetime!

Democracy is not the deficit of legitimacy left by the crushing majority of two-thirds non-voters at local elections!

Democracy is not a choice between a faster or slower rate of worsening financial apartheid and debt slavery!


**> Democracy is not about ruling through obedient, unquestioning or

enforced compliance! Democracy is not the abuse of power by the

strong over the weak! Democracy is not a spectator SPORT !!!!!**


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