“Sex at least three times a week can take ten years off their appearance.”

Look younger by having more sex: Another excuse for Manchester to enjoy Valentine’s Day

Posted Thursday, February 14, 2013 – 14:22

By Glen Keogh

MORE SEX: Just what the doctor ordered
]1 MORE SEX: Just what the doctor ordered
Regular sex can make you look up to ten years younger, so amorous Mancunians have no excuse not to spice up their love lives today.

Dr David Weeks of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital claims that people who have sex at least three times a week can take ten years off their appearance.

It doesn’t stop there, as making love every night for a week burns 970 calories, meaning this Valentine’s Day could signal the start of the most enjoyable diet yet.

He said: “The production of the human growth hormone during love making in women helps them to stay looking young.

“When we have sex, oxygen is pumped around our body, which not only boosts our circulation but increases the flow of nutrients to the skin.”

It’s not just the carnal act which is good for our health, as further research has shown that when we look at photos of people we love it increases dopamine brain activity, which is associated with optimism, energy and a sense of wellbeing.

However, Valentine’s singletons need not feel left out as Bridget Hughes from the Sexual Health Team of the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust points out that relationships with friends, families and work colleagues can still have positive effects.

She said: “Whoever you are, whoever you love and whatever types of relationships you’re in, love yourself this Valentine’s Day and love the people around you.”

Sex may release a range of chemicals and hormones that relieve stress, lower blood pressure and burn calories, but mental well-being can be achieved in much simpler ways.

Who needs all the sex anyway?

Ms Jones even suggests doing something nice with a friend or family member or treating yourself can increase mental wellbeing.

They say: “treating ourselves to something we like, maybe some chocolates or flowers, a glass of something sparkling, our favourite meal or just buying ourselves something we want but don’t need can do us the power of good and doesn’t need to break the bank.

“In fact doing anything that makes you feel special is good for your health because we all deserve to feel loved.”

And there’s no better message to be delivered on a day like today.

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