Clear, Effective and Compassionate Mental Health Services For Manchester-Needed !

Top medics urge residents to be frank and give their views on future of city’s mental health services

Tuesday 27th August 2013

Dr Martin Whiting
]1 Dr Martin Whiting
Top medics urge residents to be frank and give their views on future of city’s mental health services MANCHESTER’S three clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are urging residents, service users and carers to give their views on mental health services – and to be part of shaping future provision.

Views can be given online or via a freepost service until October 17 and will be used as vital feedback before final decisions are made about how mental health services will be commissioned in the city.

Dr Martin Whiting, GP and chief clinical officer at North Manchester CCG, said: “We want Manchester’s mental health services to be clear, effective and compassionate so they provide a safe haven in times of crisis – and then give people the tools and support that enable them to manage any long-term issues, or prevent problems recurring. “We spend around £100 million a year on the city’s mental health services. To get the best results it’s essential that we represent what this city and its residents need. That’s why it’s vital that people give their views and that we listen to them.” In July, Manchester’s three CCGS (central, north and south) outlined a framework for their mental health commissioning plans for the next two years, in collaboration with Manchester City Council.

These plans will guide what type of services the CCGs want to commission and how; which areas of the mental health service need to improve; and how services can be combined to give the best value for money.

The framework also addresses areas of priority – reducing waiting times (especially for working-age adults experiencing severe mental health crises); making sure that the services represent local needs and age groups; and working in a co-ordinated way with other health and social care services.

But, before any of these plans are finalised, clinical teams want to consider all feedback from people who have experience of the service or want to have input in its development.

To date, comments already received range from topics like continuity of care; accessing services; 24-hour support; and more people to listen.

The Mental Health Commissioning Intentions (2013-15) document can be read under the news section on Anyone wishing to give their views before October 17 can do so in confidence at or alternatively, the freepost address for comments is: RSHZ-ZHLY-AUET, NHS Manchester, Parkway 3, Parkway Business Centre, Princess Road, Manchester M14 7LU.

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