“Isn’t a social life key to building social skills? Aren’t those social skills needed to get jobs?

Schoolgirl pleads with David Cameron to ‘care more’ about mental health of students

By WG_DRudge

15th November, 2014

Tasha Cappell petionA SCHOOLGIRL is sending a petition to Downing Street pleading with the Government to “care more about the mental health of students”.

The e-petition was launched by Tasha Cappell, of Yeovil, who says she has suffered with anxiety and depression because of unreasonable attainment targets being imposed by David Cameron’s administration.

She said: “School isn’t about learning. It’s about how much you can remember for exams, most of which you will forget. Adults tell us that they’ve all been through it but it’s not as easy as it used to be.

“Exams are getting harder and this is taking its toll on young people and affecting their health, physically and mentally.

“I myself have suffered from depression and anxiety because of school and I’m not the only one. Something is not right.

Prime Minister David Cameron will say the approach to law and order should be 'tough but intelligent'“I urge David Cameron to look into this and not force hours of homework onto the pupils, expect them to attend clubs every day and revise hours on end every night. It is physically impossible.

“Some of us end up getting a few hours of sleep each night because of this and barely have a social life.

“Isn’t a social life key to building social skills? Aren’t those social skills needed to get jobs?

“I want to learn at school but I need to be happy. I shouldn’t have to choose between my mental health and getting good grades.

“Pupils need to be able to love learning. I hope the Prime Minister will start caring more about the mental health of pupils and make school a better place for young people.”

Commenting on Tasha’s e-petition page, Layla Geraghty, of Yeovil, said: “School shouldn’t be something students dread. There’s too much pressure on pupils now.”

Fellow Yeovil school pupil Michael Smith said: “The workload is way too high.”

Earlier this month Conservative care and support minister Norman Lamb said he was “determined to make sure young people got the mental health care they need.”

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Credit: The Western Gazette

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