Patient Reece Burton considered to be ‘Dangerous’ has been found

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Patient Reece Burton considered to be ‘Dangerous’ has been found

Reece Burton Front viewA “dangerous” psychiatric patient who absconded from a London clinic has been found after a nationwide police manhunt.

Reece Burton, 25, was attending the North London Clinic in Edmonton, Enfield on permitted ground leave when he absconded on 20 November 2015.

He had earlier been convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent and the Metropolitan Police issued warnings he was dangerous.

Burton was found in the Chelmsford area on Friday 27 Th November,  at 3:pm and was detained by Essex Police on suspicion of escaping from lawful custody .

Spokesman Detective Superintendent Simon Warwick of the Met Police said.

“At 15:00hrs on Friday, 27 November, officers from Essex Police entered an address in the Chelmsford area and detained Burton on suspicion of escaping from lawful custody. This has ended an intensive manhunt. Police in Enfield have worked in partnership with central MPS resources and Essex Police to safeguard his return. Burton has now been returned to custody where he will no longer pose a threat to the public or himself.”


Reporting : MUN Reporter

First Issued by: New Scotland Yard and further reported here on 21 Nov 2015 @ 05:05 Appeal to trace absconder, Enfield

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