‘I lost 35 STONE but I still fear a heart attack’, says patient who says everyone deserves to be treated

Charlie Walduck from Manchester weighed a whopping 50 stone but slimmed down

By: Nicola Fifield
Charlie-WalduckObese: Charlie Walduck at his heaviest


Charlie Walduck weighed 50 stone at his heaviest – before losing more than 35 stone in two years.

The 47-year-old from Manchester, who has since put back on a few stone, said: “Regardless of whether someone is obese, an alcoholic or a drug user – if they are ill, they deserve to be treated.

“But in the long term the government will end up spending less on things like heart operations for obese people, if they spent more on things like mental health services and educating people on how to eat healthily.”

It comes as it was revealed the number of obese patients needing heart surgery for blocked arteries has more than doubled in just five years.

Figures obtained by the Sunday Mirror show operations to treat coronary heart disease in patients classed as obese cost £32 million last year.

Charlie Walduck OBESITYSlimmed down: Charlie Walduck lost an amazing 35 stone


A total of 8,548 obese people had heart surgery at NHS hospitals in England in 2014/15, compared with just 3,643 in 2009/10, says the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

The community radio presenter added: “I’ve never made any excuses for my weight problems. No one else is to blame, but me.

Charlie-Walduck (1)Overweight: Charlie Walduck says no one was to blame for his weight problems other than himself


“But I know the reason I’m overweight is because when I’m feeling down and miserable I overeat – and I think that is the same for a lot of people.

CHARLIE-WALDUCK (2)Weight problem: Charlie admits he’s an emotional eater


“Mental health is key and I think investing in more counsellors to help people get their head in the right place would go a long way to helping people be more healthy.

CHARLIE-WALDUCK (3)Fears: Charlie says he still worries about a heart attack

“I’ve been lucky, I haven’t had any heart problems.

“But my dad had coronary heart disease and died from heart failure aged 71 and it does worry me that I will go the same way.”


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