Burnham mum, Jo Clements releases powerful video a year after son, Charley Marks death

BY : Alice Simmons

VIDEO TRIBUTE: Heartbroken mother, Jo Clements released a video telling the story of Charley Marks from Burnham-on-Sea



IT’S been a year since Burnham-on-Sea teenager Charley Marks took his own life at his home.

Marking the anniversary of his death, Charley’s mum, Jo Clements, was part of a heartwarming video telling Charley’s story in a bid to raise awareness of mental health in young people.

The devastated mum set up a charity, In Charley’s Memory, shortly after her son’s death and has since raised money and awareness of mental health.

Dawn Carey, from In Charley’s Memory, said the video shows how easy it is for people to be desensitised to mental health issues in young people.

“I think Jo and all of us here at the charity wanted to get to say things from her point of view,” she said.

“There are lots of ifs and buts surrounding Charley’s story but Jo wanted to get her side of the story across and show just how easy it is to become desensitised to mental health issues in young men.”

The nine-minute video, posted on December 16, shows a montage of videos of Charley in his younger years along with snippets of his mum Jo telling his story.

The powerful film was posted on social media, receiving a large response from members of the public.

In the video Jo says: “He’s left his brother Harry who is 17, his sister Daisy May who is 11 and he is very sadly missed.

“Charley’s story probably started about a year ago.

“Because he was under 18 he did get some help, he had some group therapy but this didn’t work for Charley really.

“He didn’t feel able to open up, he had some one-to-one sessions but he didn’t feel they helped him.

“The depression had been hidden.

“It was inside and he had convinced everyone he was on his way up.

“It’s an invisible illness.”

Since it was posted, the video has had more than 56,000 views and has struck a chord cord with members of the public who have since been sharing their stories.

And Dawn said this was a key aim of the charity.

“We want to raise awareness that there is help out there for young people with mental health issues and we encourage people to speak out rather than suffer in silence,” she added.

For more information about In Charley’s Memory and to see the video





visit http://facebook.com/InCharleysMemory.




Credit:  Burnham & Highgrove Weekley News


Foot Note from MUN Reporter:     Please watch this film, which has been made by Charley’s Family and friends. Help make Mental Health issues matter. Please share with your MP’s    incharleysmemory.org.uk


Link to Film :  visit http://facebook.com/InCharleysMemory






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