MUN Invites Community Matron Ann Wainwright A Chance To Get Answers To Your Questions 18th January 2017. 1.30pm



Wednesday 18th January 2017. 1.30pm.


       Community Matron  (Ann Wainwright)                                                    


Stepping Down means

(Discharge or part discharge)

Held in the Users’ Office.

Park House Hospital.

Some Questions & Comments

*What does a Community Matron do? * I have no Copy of my CPA!

* I do not agree with my Care Plan, what do I do?

* I have been stepped down, my circumstances have not changed and had no CPA assessment and now have lost most of my benefit!

* Tell the truth, stepping down is a financial discharge that put me at risk!

*I do not know that I am having a CPA review or an ordinary appointment!

* They just want to step me down regardless of my needs or my mental health!

* I am confused I do not know if I am still under the Mental \health Team or not!


“We need to support ♥ and help each other.”

Further details Tel (Alan) (0161) 918 4343, Mob 07719102380.

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