MEETING. WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2016.

MEETING.  WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2016.

MANCHESTER USERS’ NETWORK MEETING. WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2016.                    AT  HARPURHEY                     WELLBEING CENTRE. ROOM 10.   * Future of Harpurhey Wellbeing Centre. * GMW Mental Health Foundation Trust. *Steping down ill long – term patients! ALL MENTAL HEALTH USERS’. WELCOME! Information, Tel Alan, (0161) 492 0790. […]

Manchester mental health inquiry

The town hall is holding a one-off hearing today to discuss the state of our mental health services, after it emerged the city's crisis-hit provider was being scrapped

Manchester mental health inquiry

By: BY JENNIFER WILLIAMS This afternoon councillors, NHS officials, patients and voluntary groups are gathering at Manchester town hall to discuss the state of our city’s mental health services. The one-off inquiry was ordered late last year , after it emerged Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust was on the brink of financial collapse – and planning […]

Manchester mental health services in deep crisis

Manchester Users Network leader and NSUN member, Alan Hartman warns of the deepening crisis in Mental Health Services that puts even more people at risk of suicide.

He states “the new round of £1.5m worth of cuts will hit more than 650 patients and a huge fear for service users is that services will not provide any therapeutic support but resort only to giving medications which can cause devastating side effects and can make people worse.”



Methodist Central Buildings Central Hall Oldham Street Manchester UK LAN M1 1JQ Tel: 161 2361185
Tuesday 7th July 2015, 6.30pm.
The latest Mental Health cut. (Harpurhey Wellbeing Centre)

Magic mushrooms should be used to treat mental health problems, psychiatrist says

Magic mushrooms and LSD should be legally reclassified so they can be used to treat common mental health problems, a leading psychiatrist has said.
James Rucker, honorary lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, said legal restrictions should be lifted on psychedelic drugs, which could provide an effective treatment for anxiety and addictions.
Writing in the BMJ, he said legal restrictions imposed on the medical use of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD and psilocybin, the compound found in “magic” mushrooms, make medical research into their benefits almost impossible.

Mental health cuts are ‘driving people to the edge’

Mental health cuts are ‘driving people to the edge’
Mark Winstanley, head of the Rethink Mental Illness charity, urges the Conservative government to act on its funding promises and prioritise mental health
The day before last week’s election, leaked minutes from the meeting of a key mental health steering group, the Crisis Care Concordat, warned of an NHS “system failure” that was leading to large numbers of people in mental distress turning to A&E for help, due to inadequate community-based mental health services. Concerns were also raised about how many patients, especially young people, were being admitted to hospitals miles away from home because of mental health bed shortages.