MEETING. WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2016.



WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2016.

MUN Meeting

                   AT  HARPURHEY                     WELLBEING CENTRE.

ROOM 10.


  • * Future of Harpurhey Wellbeing Centre.

  • * GMW Mental Health Foundation Trust.

  • *Steping down ill long – term patients!



Information, Tel Alan,

(0161) 492 0790.


2 Responses to "MEETING. WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2016."

  1. Alexandra Crawford   24th October 2016 at 5:27 PM

    Please can you include more information relating to each of your meetings – such as the agenda? I wanted to come to one of the meetings after hearing something about what was to be discussed. But then I couldn’t find any info on your web-site to tell me which meeting I needed to come to – I was with my support worker trying to show them why I wanted to come but couldn’t access anything and was frustrated. Now I fear I have missed the meeting I needed to come to. I was obliged to attend a similar meeting where our community are being neglected by our local authority. This has caused me some concern as I had evidence to start the ball rolling to say that GMWMHT are not fit for business. I cannot access public transport so I am totally dependent on my support worker to bring me to any meetings, this currently means I lose my alloted hours to go shopping and so this needs to be arranged in advance so I hope you can understand why I would need to ask for a more transparent presentation of the agendas of these meetings for example? I might eventually be able to get leverage to have extra hours in order to attend meetings.

    With thanks for all the really good work you are doing for all of us. Could you do just a little bit more to help?

    • manchesterusersnetwork   12th January 2017 at 4:19 AM

      Thank you, Alexandra. We depend on help from our fellow service users, carers and friends of Manchester Users Network (MUN).We attend many meetings to do with MH issues as well as run a daily online newspaper that gives news plus news on MH issues. it’s important that we have a say in the planning of MH services as that is our main function as our website says:- (To support users and ex-users of psychiatric services in the Manchester area. The organisation provides a forum for services users to have a bona fide say in planning and provision of mental health services.). When we can have a forward published agenda we will always try to publish. Our next meeting will be on the 18 Th January 2017 will have a forward published agenda. The meeting will have Ann Wainwright as a visitor who will be attending in her capacity as a Mental Health Matron. she will be at next week’s meeting being held on Wednesday the 18th January 2017 at 1:30 pm.


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