Colourful tributes to woman ‘failed by mental health system’ at bridge where she fell to her death

Natasha Wise, 22, had faced an 18-month battle to get counselling for depression



Friends of a young woman who fell from a bridge and died after being ‘failed’ by mental health services have created a mural in her memory.

Natasha Wise was found dead at the foot of a bridge over the Fallowfield Loop in Whalley Range on Tuesday, just hours after celebrating her 22nd birthday.

More than a dozen people gathered at the scene to pay their respects to Natasha.

Flowers and tributes were laid in an archway underneath the bridge, and a large colourful mural created on the walls in her honour.

Tribute to Natasha Wise March 2016Tributes to Natasha Wise on the Fallowfield Loop

In silver and black 3D-effect writing it reads ‘RIP Tasha’, on a red background and also features a pink heart with ‘1994-2016’ inside.

It is surrounded by small bubbles and other little hearts.

Wayne Slack, who cycled through the archway as the memorial was taking place, said it was a lovely mark of respect for Natasha, and that the group were quiet and dignified.

Friends gather to pay tribute to Natasha Wise 2

Friends gather to pay tribute to Natasha WiseFriends gather to pay tribute to Natasha Wise, who had struggled for months to get an appointment for help with her depression


Natasha, who struggled with substance abuse, battled for 18 months to get counsellingfor depression.

Her father, Alan Wise, said she was in A&E at least four times with deep cuts and abrasions after self harming.

He said that despite this, nothing was done, even after dozens of calls and letters to GPs and doctors by her family begging them to speed things up.

Despite previous suicide attempts, she was not made a priority by mental health specialists, and was instead dropped to the bottom of the counselling waiting list after an appointment letter was sent to the wrong address.

Annabel Marsh, who worked in north Manchester’s mental health system as a psychiatric nurse for more than 20 years, said Natasha was failed by the service .

She explained that because of Natasha’s history of self harm, she was more at risk than the average person and therefore should have been referred to the trust’s crisis team immediately.

“Self harm like that is a flag. This poor young woman was high risk and alarm bells should have been raised, even more so by her family’s pleas to have her seen more quickly.

The bridge in Whalley Range where Natasha fell to her deathThe bridge in Whalley Range where Natasha fell to her death


“She should have been referred to the crisis team and seen within 24 hours.”

Seven questions were put to Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust by the M.E.N about Natasha’s treatment which it refused to answer.

All the trust would confirm is that an investigation has been launched and they apologised to Natasha’s family.

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Credit: BY: SAM YARWOOD    Manchester Evening News

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