MUN in London on 16 Th April, 2016 #4Demands Building the fight Back SOS NHS,

"We can now not just get rid of David Cameron, but the whole rotten Tory Government." This was greeted with loud cheers.

By: Paul Reed 


A massive number of people from all around the UK marched on London, demanding a total end to government austerity measures and the immediate resignation of David Cameron.

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 081


Manchester User’s Network in collaboration with members of Unison estimated up to 80.000 people however, later the official count was given as being nearer 150,000 people, including demonstrators from trade unions and organizations who supported the march’s theme of campaigning on health, education, housing and jobs joined the march which began at Gower Street / Euston Road, London NW1, with a long route marching to Trafalgar Square.  As the march set off, Labour Shadow Secretary for International Development, Diane Abbott, spoke to the crowds saying:-

“Fighting austerity is the political struggle of our time.

“It is austerity that is the real threat to the NHS. It is austerity which is stopping local authorities building homes.

“It is austerity that is forcing people out of work and into zero hour’s contracts.

“It is austerity that threatens the future of our young people.

“There could not be a more important demonstration or a more important movement than this one.”

She told the crowd that this is “probably the biggest demonstration ever,” and is “the right cause”.

Tony Benn Banner Di Abbot MP


Other speakers were from Stop The War Coalition, their spokesperson said: “Austerity is not about economic necessity, it is a political choice.”

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, lead the march onwards and upwards towards Trafalgar Square, where he would speak to masses of young an old marching in unity against a politically devised policy of enforced austerity upon the weakest in our country and who are responsible for many death, too many who were already fighting the horrors of mental health. For any human to want to place such austerity on poor and ill people is an indication of what these people are all about.


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Some of the needlework involved in the designs/slogans were commented on by many who saw the banners being very similar to the banners of years gone by made by communities proud of their roots; which often are works of art as one tweeter observed (GIs Gestu ‎@antoniolarottar) pointing out in this tweet on Twitter social media: – “It’s the craftsmanship you have to admire here, as much as the slogan.” Please give‎@antoniolarottar  a follow.


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The attraction of having a march in the city of London is that the message is sent around the world by the heavy retention of the international journalist whose news organisations still see London as a very important global position for news. Although, Manchester, has always produced its fair share of international news headlines. Nevertheless, having such a demonstration in the Manchester city, could have encouraged riots if the Labour-run Manchester City Council, may have been seen as failing in “their duty of care” when it does not bring to an end the Dickensian misery of homelessness, where it is allowing for its young and old people to remain sleeping on the cold and damp northern streets. It is important that the many international visiting health workers understand that our NHS system is under sustained attack and that our standard of living has drastically dropped; so badly, that our Cities are littered with the poor lost and the lonely people, who are seen tragically and fastly aging , slowly dying as a result of sleeping on cold British paving stones. The misery of austerity could not be better staged.


The City of Leeds:

Also on Saturday 16 Th April in Leeds, Health worker from the South Yorkshire area got behind the #juniordoctorcontract and wrote and sang this moving defence of the NHS. See video at the top of this page

Junior Doctors Leeds March 16 th April 2016

More Photographs from London:-

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 025

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 040

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 050

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 100

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 093

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 026

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London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 077

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 090

London #4Demands 16th April, 2016 028

Newspapers all over the world covered the London Demo. 

Anti-austerity protest London 16 April

Full marks to The People’s Assembly for their organisation of this historic event.







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