Appearing In Court : Manchester 3 Clinical Commissioning Groups & Mental Health Trust

BY: MUN Reporter

Manchester Deserves Better Mental Health Services

Court Action against Manchester NHS Trust and 3 Clinical Commissioning Groups

Manchester CourtsManchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust has been instructed by court to stop any action to close 8 mental health services including discharging service users or proceeding with planned staff redundancies.

The threatened services provide vital support for people with the most serious conditions to get back into employment, build confidence and positive lifestyles, manage distressing conditions, treat associated fertility issues and pregnancy and sexual dysfunction possible side effects of prescribed medications.

There is no replacement for these services and closure will mean people are left alone with untreated conditions, increased distress and isolation.

The Manchester mental health trust and Manchester three Clinical Commissioning Groups (responsible for commissioning Heath services for the population of Manchester) are accused of failing in their legal duty to disabled and disadvantaged people in the city by their action to close services despite massive opposition and without addressing the obvious negative impact on a vulnerable population.

A full court hearing will take place 26th 27th July at the civil justice court Bridge St West, Manchester.M60 9DJ
Join us in to protest against closures outside the court on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th July from 9.15 am


Campaign to ensure the services remain open

Over two terms of a conservative government the city has suffered devastating cuts to services people rely on and 1000’s made redundant. The bare bones of social support and areas of health care are often provided by private profit making companies and by people on zero hours contracts.

The council commissioners and health trust boards have made cuts without protest and without abiding by their duty to the population they are responsible for.

We cannot allow this to continue and are determined to stop these closures.

Court action is able to hold the commissioners and the trust to account for their actions but they may still proceed and we need to build a big campaign between service users unions and the community to ensure they do not close
Support the campaign by:-

• Publicly affiliate to or join the campaign
• Attend or send a delegation to the protest outside court
• Invite somebody to speak to your organisation from the campaign
• Write to the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and the North, South and Central Clinical Commissioning Groups in Manchester stating your opposition to the cuts.

Visit us on Facebook at Manchesterdeservesbetter



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