MANCHESTER USERS NETWORK INFORMATION MEETING Wednesday 14th October 2015 Time, 1.30pm.



Wednesday 14th October 2015  Time, 1.30pm.

Meeting_noticeFor good mental health attend the



Important Information, rights & news for patients!

As part of the discussion and for a  later date to be proposed; that employees of the Trust and other employees or other mental health organisations, should have a “Conscience Clause” in their contract. The advantage therein, to diminish and expose unethical decisions, such as discharging ill patients, ill treatment, stepping down patients for financial reasons and diminishing the fear of sacking employees, because of whistle blowing etc.

Wednesday 14th October 2015   Time, 1.30pm.

Users’ Office. Park House Hospital.


“We need to support and help each other”.

For further details Tel (Alan)

      Tel 918 4343 /492 0790.                                              

2 Responses to "MANCHESTER USERS NETWORK INFORMATION MEETING Wednesday 14th October 2015 Time, 1.30pm."

  1. manchesterusersnetwork   15th November 2015 at 10:34 PM

    Thank You P.P.Service Users for you comments please keep them coming we deed everyone who uses Manchester mental health services to come forwards and shout out about the injustice of these spending cuts which will close many essential services which will lead to the loss of lives.

    Thank you once again.


  2. P.p.Service Users   6th November 2015 at 7:16 PM

    Manchester Users Network
    Blog posted: 6/11/2015


    We, the service users have written to Alison Marriott Clinical Director asking WHY Day Care Services for a minority Group of people in our Community. Who suffer with YOUNGER ONSET DEMENTIA.
    Ever since the Service was set up – There has been a Day-care element with the service as there was a need in Manchester for a specialized service with day-care to support the Younger person and there carer.
    Since the Trust was aware of the so called re-design of later-life services and proposed cuts and Public consultation. Carers and service users have noticed that many people are being discharged, Pictures/paintings which were done by individuals were taken down and put in a skip along with filing cabinets and other equipment as well as the Star Wards which was issued to the trust for there achievement with Younger People with Dementia.
    later-life services: Later life that’s a laugh why are younger people placed in later life services all later life intervention are modelled on older age services and those who become unwell with a mental illness can be supported with recovery and maintain people independence in the community.
    Dementia : You do not recover!
    Why have Young People been placed with Later Life?: Is it because no one knows to which department they need to be put in.
    Then when you have been discharged you will have to find your own Peer two Peer support Group in your area in the Community….. and if you need a referral not to contact them, to go to your G.P and ask for an referral for assessment?
    Later-Life proposed re-design: Its already been put in place and any consultation is a P.R. exercise
    Talk about a cold hearted Management and Manchester boasts to be a Friendly City for Dementia.
    As Christmas is approaching here a quote From A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens “If they would rather die, . . . they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”
    That what a quote from one service user – The quote fitted how the service users felt… And shock that the service would change and individuals will be left to ISOLATION.
    The ONLY One Centre for day-care and support for the whole of Manchester will be gone. P.p. Service Users


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