Signed Books Giveaway! Comment and Win! books signed by Tony Benn

Your Chance To Win one of Two Excellent Books Signed By Former Government Minister Tony Benn.

Tony Benn New Book "More Time For Politics" Signed Copy While In Manchester ,
Tony Benn New Book “More Time For Politics” Signed Copy While In Manchester ,
By: Paul Reed 

BOOK ONE: “More Time for Politics” is the publication of Tonys Diaries from 2001-2007 and is signed by Tony Benn ‘To the patients of Park House’

BOOK TWO “Dare to Be a Daniel Tony Benn, Then and Now” and Signed By Tony Benn with the words in Tonys own handwriting ‘For the support of Karen Reissmann’

It’s a beautiful written book about Tonys life and times and will be a historical collection piece for when the story is told about Karen’s own heroic stand for the patients of Manchester, it would make a wonderful present at Christmas for anyone who is interested in politics.

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Dare to be Daniel
Dare to be Daniel

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Competition is now open! Good luck!

Please note the books were both won, the book dedicated by Tony to Nurse Karen Reissmann was given by the winner to the Karen Reissmann Legal Defence Fund of which Tony was one of the Patrons and which at the time gained many patrons, which included Graham Pink who blew the whistle on NHS cuts in the 1980s, Paul Reed and Alan Hartman – from Manchester User Network – and MPs John Leech and John McDonnell.

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