Welfare cuts will push Britain’s mental health services towards crisis

Welfare cuts will push Britain’s mental health services towards crisis
Secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Iain Duncan Smith, recently proposed a further £12 billion of cuts to benefits. Making such cuts is likely to disproportionately affect the most vulnerable, including those with mental health problems and other disabilities. After all, approximately half of people who need support from the disability benefit Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) do so because of their mental health.

Mental health report finds staffing problems linked to ward suicides

Suicidal patients who are under observation may be put at risk by relying on inexperienced staff and agency nurses, according to a new report issued today.

Resist Tory lies over benefits as day of action fights against sanctions

I’m waiting for a letter, and it’s terrifying. Like thousands of other people hit by the bedroom tax and other benefit cuts, I rely on a discretionary housing payment (DHP) from the council.

But these are all up for renewal in April—and the government has slashed the total amount by £40 million.

Mental health service budgets ‘cut by 8%’

Mental health trusts in England have seen their budgets fall by more than 8% in real terms over the course of this parliament, figures suggest.

The reduction, worth almost £600m, was revealed through research by BBC News and the online journal Community Care.

Nurse Karen Reissmann to stand in closed mental health Edale Unit , Ward Against Labour MP Gerald Kauffman

Karen Reissmann, a local nurse who is standing against Labour MP Gerald Kauffman, said, “People in Gorton are looking for change. There is a deep sense of betrayal at Labour’s failure to represent ordinary people. It cuts through every conversation, even with Labour loyalists.”

ManVCam: Protesters prepare for Albert Square government cuts rally

Manchester celebrities Shaun Ryder, Terry Christian, Rowetta and Claire Mooney are to lead hundreds of protesters in a rally against ‘appalling’ coalition cuts that have affected the city.

The Mancunian icons will lead crowds in what they are calling a ‘smart rally’— an emulation of the pro democracy demonstrations that took place in Hong Kong back in September 2014.

Are the Tories turning back the clock on young people’s mental health?

Young people’s mental health services across the UK are in dire straits.

A recent report by the Royal College of Nursing showed that government spending cuts have led to the loss of more than 3,300 mental health posts over the last four years and 1,500 fewer beds than in 2010.

A report by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) revealed worrying increases in the number of young people being treated in adult psychiatric wards.

Mental health patient admissions to A&E set to reach record levels

Mental health patient admissions to A&E set to reach record levels

The number of people with a mental health condition admitted to hospital as an emergency is likely to reach its highest level ever this winter, a former health minister has warned.

An estimated 280,000 mental health patients will be admitted to hospital as an emergency in the last three months of 2014, latest analysis suggests as emergency doctors warned that overstretched A&E departments are the wrong place for people in mental distress.

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