ManVCam: Protesters prepare for Albert Square government cuts rally


ManVCam: Protesters prepare for Albert Square government cuts rally

Manchester celebrities Shaun Ryder, Terry Christian, Rowetta and Claire Mooney are to lead hundreds of protesters in a rally against ‘appalling’ coalition cuts that have affected the city.

The Mancunian icons will lead crowds in what they are calling a ‘smart rally’— an emulation of the pro democracy demonstrations that took place in Hong Kong back in September 2014.

The ManVCam demonstration, which is due to kick off at 5.30pm in Albert Square, challenges the coalition government’s cutting of £300million to Manchester services over the last five years.

In November, Manchester City Council revealed that it was proposing to cut £59million citywide in which could see cut backs to mental health care, homelessness services and free travel for school children.

Labour Parliamentary candidate Jeff Smith this morning wrote: “We’re £1million a week worse off because of this than we would have been if we had received cuts at the national average.

“Many services have had to be axed or reduced, and if the Tories are re-elected to government in May, then things will only get worse for Manchester.”

The Withington candidate pointed out that Liberal Democrats were also under the firing line, including MP John Leech.

“The Manchester Lib Dems make a big show of protesting at these service cuts, but the fact is that their party enabled reductions in local government funding to be passed in Westminster – and John Leech was one of the Lib Dem MPs who voted for those cuts,” Mr Smith wrote.

“So this evening we are not only sending a message to the government that these cuts are deeply damaging and unfair – we’re also sending a message to the people of Manchester, that we’re on their side and we stand united with them in solidarity against this government.

“Join me this evening in telling Cameron, Osborne and Clegg that enough is enough. It’s time for a fair settlement for Manchester.”

Leader of Manchester city Council, Sir Richard Leese, was one of the many who used the hashtag #ManVCam on twitter today to show their solidarity.

Terry Christian, who is speaking at today’s event, also spurred on participants on Twitter.

Image courtesy of Duncan Hull, with thanks.

CREDIT:  Mancunian Matters

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